Seminar on crop diseases and management, Mantur. RAWE

Students from different agricultural colleges conducted seminars for farmers, at Ramalingeshwar Temple, Mantur, Karnataka, to explain about the diseases that affect crops like sugarcane, wheat, chickpea and turmeric and the precautions they should take.

Presence of number of sugarcane mills nearby has driven the farmers to take up sugarcane cultivation. Crop yield has decreased by 25% this year many farmers complain. At the seminars students addressed them of the problems they face during cane cultivation.

Many farmers lack knowledge about scientific management of diseases and pests. Grama sevakas, who used to visit every village to give recommendation disappeared. Heavy application of nitrogenous fertilizers and irrigation is also the cause for this. Ratoon cropping and sowing of seeds brought from diseased fields also spreads the disease inoculum. Seed treatment is absolutely necessary which at some times they ignore.

Taking organic agriculture and using integrated disease management is the key to successful farming as suggested by the agriculture scientists at the seminar. There was also a discussion on trash burning .

Crop waste decomposer which has given good results in decomposing crop waste in 20 days was recommended to reduce crop burning and air pollution issues. It was the first time when students from the agriculture colleges arranged and held seminars publicly in villages.

It was a good experience🌾🌱