What is Agricultural drone and it\'s uses

 Use of drones in different fields like photography is growing fast but in agriculture it is booming. Everyone is interested in using drones. As a part of precision farming drones give more accurate results than satellite imaging which allow farmers to make better decisions in farming.

As an estimate we can see 10% increase in the yields and reduce the cost of cultivation of crops. We will see some of the uses of drones in agriculture in this post.

Crop Health Monitoring 

Drone imagery can give us an estimation of crop health. They use detailed colour information which indicate plant health. It gives the information of nutrient deficiencies in plants or to know if there is any pest and disease infestation. 

Soil Health Monitoring

Drone imagery is also used for monitoring soil health and field conditions. Drones also give information on elevation in the field which is useful for finding irregularities in the field and also to monitor irrigation water flow. 

Spray Application

Using drones to spray treatments is already in use in many countries. Drones are able to reach every corner of the field very fast. This will help the workers to reduce their work. These give very fine sprays and can be used to spray at specific areas.

Security and Filed Monitoring

Drone cameras are  used to monitor the fields and observe the field activities continuously. This helps to monitor and protect the valuable crops from attack of animals and birds which reduces the farmers tension. 


Drones technology in Agriculture will continue to grow in upcoming years. These are still under development and more research is going to fix the constraints in use of drones. Before investing in drones farmers should know about their limitations and functions. Drones are still not in use in Agriculture in  developing countries. 
Drones  requires a trained personnel to operate them and they have less efficiency. This may or may not be the future technology of Agriculture. 

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